The Benefit Street Bowl

The Benefit Street Bowl


Inspired by a large vintage bowl only once made in our early studio on Benefit Street, the Benefit Street bowl is our most distinctive centerpiece bowl yet. Over-sized and glazed in our signature rich colors all around, this bowl makes for a stunning accent piece that is more than just decorative. Use it to store enough fruit for the whole family, to let dough rise, or to serve a showstopping salad to a party.

13” diameter
7” tall

Hand wash recommended.

Shown in all three colors. Click on images for larger view.

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Each piece is completely handcrafted and signed "Peter Pots." There is a slight variation between pieces, and if you are ordering several pieces, we make every effort to pick items as similar as possible. We strive to keep all items in stock, but we may need to make something for your order. Please allow up 2 weeks for our potters to make your pieces.


An unexpected reunion.

Pictured here is the happy customer who, in 1949, commissioned Peter Pots of Providence (as we were called at the time) to make her a Punch Bowl. This was the one and only bowl of this stature ever made by us, requiring the kiln to be rebuilt at the time to even fire it. The creation of this bowl was such an endeavor, we couldn't let it leave without first snapping a photograph.This photo was all that remained with us of this Punch Bowl, until 2013, when a most unexpected reunion occurred.

Attending the General Stanton’s Flea Market in Charlestown, RI, this bowl’s maker, Oliver Greene, once again found himself in its presence. After some questions as to where it was found, and a little explaining he, in fact, was the creator of this enormous bowl, Oliver convinced the vendor to trade it to him for eight Dinner Plates.

This very bowl can now be seen on display here in our showroom. As many customers have inquired about this bowl, and about us making a larger bowl, in general, we thought why not pay homage to this stunning piece. Our new Benefit Street Bowl is very similar, though not identical, making the original still the one and only ever made.