Care and Use

Dishwasher Safe

Every piece we make is perfectly safe in the dishwasher. Use quality or natural dish detergents and a rinse aide to prevent residue build up and hard water spots, which will have a dulling effect on the pottery. 

Oven and Microwave Use

As with any ceramic, avoid thermal shock when using our pottery in the microwave or oven by never going directly from cold to hot (e.g. from fridge to hot oven) or vise-versa, and allowing most of the surface of the pottery to heat evenly. We recommend against heating food on our plates or platters, since their large surface area can be difficult to heat evenly. The hot spot of food on an otherwise cold plate can cause it to crack. All of our casseroles dishes, pie plates, and bean pots are guaranteed ovenproof in conventional ovens. 

To Keep Your Pottery Looking New

The underside of most of our pottery is unglazed, and so we recommend using plate seperators or paper towels when stacking pieces to avoid scuffing the surface and edges. Over time, the underside of our pottery will become smooth, but you can always speed up this process with fine grit sandpaper.