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The Butterfingers Replacement Policy

Half-price replacements with the purchase of anything else of equal or greater value.

Did you (or--ahem--someone else) shatter your favorite mug? Has that chip on the edge of your best serving bowl become too unsightly to look at anymore? Well, good news! The first Saturday of each month is Butterfingers Day at our showroom. On that day, you may bring in up to six broken pieces for half-priced replacements with any additional purchase of equal or greater value.

Butterfingers Worldwide

For our out-of-state customers, we offer the same half-price replacement policy, and you may mail back the broken piece anytime. If living abroad, you can take advantage of this policy, but due to shipping costs, the return may not be cost effective. Please print, fill out, and include this return form with your broken pieces.

We regretfully cannot offer half-priced replacements for discontinued designs, nor can we guarantee that your new replacement pieces will perfectly match a vintage set. Email us at if you have any questions.